Quality Policy

 Quality Policy of the Research Centre “Kaz Metro Standard”, which provides services in the field of metrology, is aimed at:

  • Protecting the public interests, life, health and property of citizens established in laws and regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Continuous improvement of service quality in the field of metrology and oriented to the international experience success in this area.
  • Maximum support to the services provided by the company
  • Improvement and quality optimization of the company.
  • Strengthening the company's image in the developed market and establish a climate of trust and interest of our customers for our services
  • Management of the “RC “Kaz Metro Standard” ensures awareness of the Quality Policy by each employee

Each employee of the “RC “Kaz Metro Standard” is involved in the implementation of the Quality Policy, knows his duties and is responsible for the quality of works and services.



Licenses and permits:

The Research Center “Kaz Metro Standard” is accredited by the National Centre for Accreditation by the measuring instruments calibration right